Astronomy Colloquium for 2018-09-19

Series: Astronomy Colloquium
Date: Wednesday 19-Sep-2018
Time: 16:05-17:00 (4:05-5:00 pm)
Location: ATL 2400
Speaker: Dr. Lia Corrales (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Title: Are we star stuff? Solving mysteries of astromineralogy and dust grain growth with X-ray imaging and spectroscopy

The journey that interstellar metals take from their nuclear reactive origins to their incorporation in planets, plants, and animals is a highly uncertain one. The X-ray energy band is sensitive to absorption by all abundant metals in the interstellar medium (ISM), both in gas and dust form, enabling us to answer key questions in dust grain growth and processing. X-ray photoelectric absorption edges observed in high resolution spectra of Galactic X-ray binaries directly reveal the mineral composition of interstellar dust. X-ray imaging of dust scattering halos is an important tool for measuring dust grain sizes and their 3D spatial distribution. I will review open problems in the field of astromineralogy, including problems in reconciling X-ray absorption spectroscopy with ISM observations at other wavelengths. I will describe how X-ray missions in process for the near future XRISM, ARCUS, and AXIS will contribute. Finally, I will discuss multi-wavelength synergistic opportunities for obtaining the complete picture of dust grain evolution in the diffuse ISM.

Colloquia are usually preceded by espresso and ice cream at 1:45 pm outside room PSC 1150 and are followed by an informal reception at 5:15 pm in that room. Anyone interested in talking with the speaker, or being added to the colloquium announcement email list, should contact the colloquium organizer. Lunch will normally be reserved for the speaker to talk to graduate students.

Colloquium Organizer: Prof. Richard Mushotzky


Special accommodations for individuals with disabilities can be made by calling (301) 405-3001. It would be appreciated if we are notified at least one week in advance.


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