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Andrej Grubisic Name: Andrej Grubisic
Title: Assistant Research Scientist
Phone: (301) 614-6234
E-mail: agrubisic
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Andrej Grubisic is broadly interested in the development of, both, space-flight and field-portable instrumentation for sensitive in-situ or remote chemical detection and identification. His current research focuses on the advancement of miniature mass spectrometers and implementation of novel ionization schemes that would minimize sample handling on future planetary missions.

Andrej is also a member of the MOMA (Mars Organic Molecule Analyzer) Science team in the Planetary Environments Lab at NASA – Goddard Space Flight Center. MOMA is the key astrobiology experiment on board of the first European rover bound for Mars as part of ESA's ExoMars 2018 mission. The overarching goal of the mission is to search for signs of past and/or present life on Mars by drilling 2 m deep in the Martian soil, where fragile organic molecules are mostly shielded from the damaging cosmic and UV radiation.

Andrej received his Ph.D. degree in Chemistry at the Johns Hopkins University under mentorship of Prof. Kit H. Bowen, where he studied electronic, geometric and reactive properties of mass-selected, gas-phase cluster ions of interest as building blocks of cluster-assembled materials. He was an NRC/NIST Postdoctoral fellow at JILA/NIST – University of Colorado, where he worked with Prof. David J Nesbitt on developing a novel technique for studying ultrafast electron dynamics in individual, supported plasmonic and quantum confined systems. His strong affinity for experimental chemistry, physics, and astrophysics prompted him to join the Astronomy Department’s Center for Research and Exploration in Space Science and Technology (CRESST), where he is eagerly looking forward to pursuing ‘out of this world’ experiments by building space-bound instrumentation.

Andrej received the 2013 ACS Physical Chemistry Division Postdoctoral Research Award and the 2007 AIAA Martin Summerfield Award for Research in Combustion & Propellants.

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