Eric H. McKenzie's Astronomy Department Home Page

Eric H. McKenzie Name: Eric H. McKenzie
Title: Associate Director
Room: PSC 1208F
Phone: (301) 405-1512
E-mail: eric
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I perform administrative tasks in support of the department's teaching and research efforts. I oversee the department's front office and report to the department chair. I am responsible for academic support, such as determining course offerings & instructor assignments and providing student & faculty assistance. My office is also responsible for human resources activities, such as faculty appointments, contracts, and visas. We provide facilities support by managing maintenance issues, office space, moves, and furniture. I also oversee the department's website and library. I have served as the Astronomy Undergraduate Director (2009-15), the CMNS MD Space Grant Scholarship Coordinator (2013-15), on UMD Senate committees (2013-17), and on various department and college-level committees.

Previously, I received my PhD at the University of Florida (2006) and taught at Colgate University (2006-08). My research background is in galaxy evolution at redshifts 0.5<z<1.5.