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mercury Name: Douglas Hamilton
Title: Professor
Room: CSS 1245
Phone: (301) 405-1548
E-mail: hamilton

Doug Hamilton's research interests focus on planetary satellites and rings, the origin and evolution of the Solar System, and the dynamical interactions of compact objects in star clusters. Hamilton applies a combination of analytical and numerical techniques to his research problems. He actively collaborates with spacecraft mission scientists and observers with access to the latest planetary data. He has developed and continues to maintain and employ sophisticated orbital integration codes that incorporate a host of gravitational and non-gravitational forces. Recent topics of particular interest include the discovery of two new Pluto moons in 2011 and 2012, the discovery of Saturn's largest ring in 2009, the origin and evolution of giant planet satellite systems, and the effects of intermediate-mass black holes in globuler clusters. Hamilton is the lead author of the Astronomy Workshop, a collection of interactive tools for use by Astronomy students and the general public.

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