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Brian Morsony Name: Brian Morsony
Title: Post-Doctoral Associate (TCAN Fellow)
Room: PSC 1120
Phone: (301) 405-3615
E-mail: morsony
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Dr. Morsony's research focuses on simulations of how jets interact with their environments. There are two main areas to this research: Jet powered explosions producing GRBs and supernovae, and AGN jets in galaxy groups and clusters. GRB simulations involve starting with a relativistic jet inside a star at the end of its life. The jet is followed as it (tries to) break out of the star and reach a distance where it can emit gamma-rays. Research includes modeling the prompt and afterglow emission of GRBs, and exploring the range of events that can be produced by jets, from classical GRBs to weak GRBs/relativistic supernova to ordinary supernova with no observable jet component. I also model short GRBs produced by neutron star mergers, whose electromagentic emission may provide a counterpart to gravitational wave events detected with LIGO. Work on AGN primarily involves simulations of AGN feedback from the central galaxies in clusters, but as also included simulations of metal production and redistribution in galaxy clusters, cluster X-ray emission modeling, and simulations of bent-double radio sources and X-ray binary jets.

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