Department Plan of Organization

This is the Astronomy Department's page with information and documents related to the Plan of Organization's 2017 revision.


Plan of Organization Review Committee (PORC):

The Plan of Organization Review Committee was tasked with developing a proposal for the 2017 Plan of Organization, which was voted on by the full membership of the Department Assembly. The PORC members (and the constituencies whom they represented) were:

  • Andy Harris (Chair), Professor, tenure/tenure-track faculty, 301-405-7531,
  • Lee Mundy, Professor, tenure/tenure-track faculty, 301-405-1529,
  • Melissa Hayes-Gehrke, Principal Lecturer, professional-track faculty, 301-405-1562,
  • Marc Pound, Research Scientist, professional-track faculty, 301-405-1520,
  • Anne Raugh, Principal Faculty Specialist, professional-track faculty, 301-405-6855,
  • Francesco Tombesi, Assistant Research Scientist, GSFC-based professional-track faculty, 301-405-3615,
  • Eric McKenzie, Associate Director, staff, 301-405-1512,
  • Drew Hogg, Graduate Student, graduate students,
  • undergraduate (no volunteers)