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Batch rename files in bash:

ls name* | awk '{print("mv "$1" "$1)}' | sed 's/name/change/2' | /bin/sh

leave off the pipe to /bin/sh to preview before name change

Batch prepend filenames in bash:

ls name* | awk '{print("mv "$1" prepend"$1)}' | /bin/sh

leave off the pipe to /bin/sh to preview before prepending filenames

Create multiple files in bash:

touch file{1,2,3,4,5}.txt

Determine directory/ies usage (in easily-readable format):

du -hs directory1 directory2
12M directory1
70G directory2

Print single quotation marks using awk:

ls *old* | awk '{print("iraf.imcopy('\''"$1"'\'','\''"$1"'\'')")}' | sed 's/old/new/2'

for a directory containing files old1, old2, old3 this produces:

appending '>> copy_files' will append the output to the file copy_files
(the '\'' produces the single quotes)

Delete lines containing 'badapple' in the file tree.txt:

sed '/badapple/d' tree.txt > pruned.txt
mv pruned.txt tree.txt

Convert PDF to EPS files:

pdftops -eps -level3 file.pdf

Make tarball zipped with gzip:

tar -czvf filename.tar.gz directory

When .pdf files aren't displaying fonts correctly in Mac OS Leopard:

killall -u username ATSServer