This is supposed to be a first-order approach to my personality, basically it's a number of random buzzwords which I came up with in a very exciting theory lecture. :-)

About me

What I like

cats, debating, sunsets, coffee, peace, music, clouds, laughing, staying up late, pizza, the internet, (coastal) cliff hiking, my bike

What I don't like

'normal' people (they're soooo boring), spiders, war, being pushed, tests, the easy way through life, wasting my time (but I've got a PhD in it)

some of my interests*:

the Universe, politics (esp. science and foreign policy), people, geography


Pics can be found on my Picasa page.

Other Stuff

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Definitely worth a visit... Guernsey [see also Guernsey walks]

Pretty awesome photos by Rangga.... Rangga's Picasa Page

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