Astronomy @ Maryland

As of Fall 2009, I'm studying Astronomy (PhD) at the University of Maryland, College Park.

Physics @ Erlangen

Since October 2006 I am studying Physics (diploma) with as much astrophysics that I can get at the University of Erlangen. Here is a list of all the courses I have taken so far: Anne's course list


FP aka Advanced Lab (=the horror besides theory...)

Should you need some *inspiration* for your 'FP-Vorbereitung' and/or 'Auswertung' here's a list of the experiments that I've done. Simply drop me an email to obtain the pdf- and tex-files.

Seminar on Astrophysics and Particle Physics

Check out the talk on pulsars, which I gave in the seminar.


In the third semester I had the pleasure to do four small projects instead of the normal lab. They were: For further details (only in German) see Projektpraktikumsseite and this page for videos and photos of the railgun.