The Minerva Code

What is Minerva?

Minerva is a cylindrical coordinate extension of the Athena Astrophysical MHD Code of Stone, Gardiner, Teuben, and Hawley. This code is made freely available to the astrophysics community. The current version includes the following features:

Who is involved?

The Minerva Code was adapted from the Athena Code by M. Aaron Skinner and Eve C. Ostriker (University of Maryland). This work is supported by grant AST 0507315 from the National Science Foundation.

Code Tests

We have also developed a suite of test problems for our code. Some are derived from other authors' tests and some are new.


Additionally, we have developed a suite of MATLAB visualization functions designed to work with the native binary data format in Athena.


Like Athena, the Minerva code was written in C. The code is available freely to the astrophysical community as is; we lack the resources for user support. It may be modified to suit your own applications, but publications or presentations wishing to use the code should cite the method paper.