ASTR 220 Collisions in Space

Fall 2004

Course Syllabus

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Enjoy the winter break.

-- Dr. Hayes-Gehrke


  • Homework 1, due Thursday, September 9, 2004
  • Homework 1 solutions
  • Homework 2, due Tuesday, September 21, 2004.
  • Homework 2 solutions.
  • Homework 3, due Tuesday, October 5, 2004.
  • Homework 3 solutions.
  • Homework 4, due Thursday, October 21, 2004.
  • Homework 4 solutions.
  • Homework 5, due Thursday, October 28, 2004.
  • Homework 5 solutions.
  • Homework 6, due Thursday, November 4, 2004.
  • Homework 6 solutions.
  • Homework 7, due Thursday, November 18, 2004.
  • Homework 7 solutions.
  • Homework 8, due Tuesday, November 30, 2004. Gal Crash simulator.
  • Homework 8 Solutions.
  • Homework 9, due Thursday, December 9, 2004.
  • Homework 9 Solutions.
    Solutions to class discussion of Night Comes to the Cretaceous.

    Solutions to the first midterm.

    Solutions to the second midterm.

    Links to some reviews of scientific notation:

    Some Interesting Astronomy Links

    General Astronomy

    Spacecraft Missions


    Earth Impact Hazards

    The image in the background of this page was taken by Debra Meloy Elmegreen and colleges at Vassar College and the Hubble Heritage Team at the Space Telescope Science Institute.
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