Well, since Bill doesn't have a homepage, it falls to me to make him one. What else are wives for?

Bill graduated from MIT a year after I did, also with bachelor's degrees in Physics and Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Science, although he did the Atmospheric part. Currently he is working for Primavera, which merged with his former company, ProSight. Previously he worked for Softscape, eVision Technologies, and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

We have many of the same interests, as you might expect. We were both in LSC at MIT; however, Bill covered a lot more territory than I did, moving quickly up the ranks to treasurer and chairman of the committee.

We both enjoy reading Tom Clancy novels and playing computer and video games. Bill is much more enthusiastic about the games than I am, although we both play the Wii. He also plays a lot on the Xbox 360.

And since I'm the one making this homepage, I don't have to worry about showing you a good picture of him.

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