Our Condo

The condo we bought when we lived in Massachusetts was located in Tanbark Condominiums, in the center of Norton, Massachusetts.

We closed on the condo on July 30, 1999. We moved in on August 1, 1999.

I've scanned in a bunch of pictures of the condo, mostly from February 2001. But first I have a floor plan so that you can tell where things are (Yeah, yeah, I drew it by hand).

First, there is a picture of the front of the condo - we are the center condo pictured. Then we go inside and look at the dining room from the kitchen. Next we look at the kitchen from the dining room (We had the kitchen remodeled; here's a before picture.). Finally we turn back the way we came in and look at the living room from the dining room.

Now we go upstairs. First is a picture of the master bedroom seen from the far corner. Then we look at the master bedroom from the doorway. Next we go to the second bedroom and look at it from the doorway toward the closet. Then we look at the other half of the second bedroom.

The last picture is a view of the condo from the back. We have our own deck!

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