Our House

We bought a house in Silver Spring, in Montgomery County, Maryland, in July 2004.

First, here's the floorplan I've sketched:

First, the outside. The front of the house. The lovely driveway. The rear of the house and the shed. The rear of the house and alcove.

Now, the inside. Let's walk in the front door and look down the first floor hallway, toward the breakfast room. Let's turn to the right and look into the living room. If we enter the living room and look to the right of the fireplace, we see the front of the living room and the Christmas tree; the entrance to the alcove is in between. If we turn right a little more, we can see the entrance to the living room and the foyer. If we turn right again, we can see the entertainment center in the living room. Traveling through the living room, we can look at the alcove.

Let's go back out to the front door and take a left. We can see the dining room. Walking through the dining room, we can see the partly-done kitchen.

Going through the kitchen to the breakfast room, we can peek at the powder room, the half-bathroom on the first floor. Turning around, we can look back down the hallway at the front door.

Now let's go back to the front door and head upstairs. At the top of the stairs, we can turn around and look down the upstairs hallway: the doors to the guest bedroom and computer room are on the right, the guest bathroom is at the far end, and the master bedroom is at the end to the left.

Beyond the guest bathroom is the master bedroom. Here's the master bedroom, looking toward the front of the house. Turning to the left, we look at the master bedroom, toward the back of the house: the doorway to the master bathroom is on the right, and the walk-in closet is on the left.

Now let's head down to the basement. Going down to the main room and looking to the right, we see the exercise room. Turning to the left we see the other half. Stepping outside of the exercise room, we can look down the basement hallway toward the basement bathroom. If we walk down the hall and turn right, we can see the tool room.

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