Start It Up

(with apologies (but no millions) to the Rolling Stones)

If you start it up
Once you shell out the bucks you'll never stop.
Once they ring it up
For lots of new programs, you'll have to shop.
'Cause they hyped it up
Beyond expectations that wouldn't drop.
Folks will lap it up
'Cause it came down from Redmond's mountain top.

It's Windows Ninety Fiiiiiive
Old programs don't surviiiiiive
Buy RAM and a new driiiiiive.
Long names for files. Trash to explore.
Enjoy computing like it was in '84

When you register
It tells Bill about your expenditures.
Want to plug and play?
With new peripherals you might someday.
Protect your job
While paying for future versions of Bob.

It's Windows Ninety Fiiiiiive.
A beta test gone liiiiiive.
More bugs than in a hiiiiiiive.
The dog learned tricks.
You'll get your kicks
Installing service packs til 1996.It's Windows Ninety Fiiiiiive.
Watch your resources diiiiiive.
Help MS Office thriiiiiive.
Bill has a grin.
You'll help him win
Buying an OS that's from the Recycle Bin.