(Camera shows Willis standing in casual clothing in a busy airport. Bonnie and the kids are milling about in background. Off-camera voice:)

'John McClane! You've saved the Nakatome Plaza and Dulles International Airport! What are you going to do now?'

"I'm going to Disneyworld!"

What began as a simple family vacation... (Close-up of McClane and family, smiling and laughing as they enter the theme park.)

...a time of peace and relaxation...

(Bonnie Bedelia and Willis sitting on bed in hotel room, talking.)

"No more terrorists, John?"

"I promise."

...turned into business as usual...

(Well-organized terrorist team in back of van, readying weapons and other accoutrements.)

...for John McClane.

(McClane running full tilt; a short distance behind him is the monorail train. He is understandably panicked.)

(cue low-key music)

(Outside shot of DisneyWorld in daylight, many folks attending park. Off- camera voice: )

"A single day's receipts alone would give us enough to retire."

(Inside shot: DisneyWorld at night, McClane sneaking around with gun and wisecracking to himself.)

"What do you guys do, follow me around? 'Hey guys, what should we do next?' 'Well, John's going to Disneyworld, let's all go!'"

Now he must face his past...

(McClane standing in area lit by heavy-duty lampposts, facing a PA speaker, from which comes a somewhat...familiar...voice.)

"Well, well. John McClane. It *is* a small world, after all!"

...chase the terrorists...

(Darkened shot of interior of President's Hall (whatever it is--the place with the audioanimatronic Prez's) -- a lone terrorist scanning the room carefully. Part of one of the exhibits comes to life behind him and knocks him over the head.)

...and save his family.

(Close-up of McClane with hunted, desperate look as P.A. voice speaks in background.)

"I'll bet you brought the wife and kids with you, didn't you, John?" (cue bombastic music, slowly building)

This summer, join John McClane in a desperate race...

(Shot of terrorists mowing down Disney security with mostly-silenced automatic weaponry. McClane climbing outside rigging of roller coaster; above him, a terrorist in a coaster car takes aim.)

...against time...

(Audioanimatronic Goofy suddenly opens fire on terrorists. McClane in access tunnel, looking grime-streaked and generally disheveled.)

"M-I-C...see you real soon."

...and against all odds...

(McClane jumps off monorail track, arms flailing, as train car explodes. McClane in access tunnel, pulls gun out and holds in front of him.)

"K-E-Y...Why? I'm gonna kill you."

...as he struggles to preserve his own "family values".

(Shot of frantic Bonnie Bedelia herding the kids down hotel hallway, shot of grinning terrorist grabbing one of the kids. McClane in access tunnel, loading the gun. His voice is cracking; he has obviously been through hell.)


(Exterior shot of Epcot Center. A spectacular explosion; all the panes of glass in the entire building shatter.)

DIE HARD 3. It's a small world after all.

(Screen: Coming this summer to theaters everywhere)