Forrest Gump: Life is like a box of chocolates...

Forrest Dahmer: People are like a box of chocolate, YUM!

Forrest Simpson: Mmmmm, choolate

Forrest the Hun: Chocolate all mine!

Forrest Simmons: Chocolate is bad! EXERCISE EXERCISE!

Forrest Rivera: People who like chocolate...Next on 'Forrest'

Forrest Jackson: Little kids like my box of chocolates

Forrest Hefner: Keep the chocolate, lose the box.

Forrest Shakespeare: Chocolate, or no chocolate that's the question

Forrest of Borg: All chocolates must be assimilated

Forrest Presley: Hunk a hunk of milk chocolate

Forrest Zen: I am one with the chocolate

Forrest McClaine: I used to be a box of chocolates

Forrest Ventura: Chocolates...Alll riighty then...

Forrest Lauper: People just wanna have chocolate

Forrest Turner: What's chocolate gotta do, gotta do with it?

Forrest Bones: Dammit, Jim, I'm a doctor, not a box of chocolate

Forrest Spock: Logically speaking, we are all chocolate

Forrest Scotty: The box, she's breaking apart Capt'n

Forrest Christ: Let he without sin, eat the first chocolate

Forrest Rooney: Why is it that we are all chocolates?

Forrest Butler: Frankly, Scarlett, I don't like chocolate

Forrest O'Hara: Tommorrow is another box of chocolates.

Forrest Lee: Fight with your inner chocolate

Forrest Clinton: I didn't inhale the cream centers

Forrest Doo: Roinks Raggy, Rocolates!

Forrest Pig: Life is a box of chok-choa-che..candy

Forrest Marx: That's the weirdest box of chocolates I've ever seen....

Forrest Nicholson: You want chocolate? You can't handle the chocolate!

Forrest Copperfield: Poof, the chocolates are gone!

Forrest X: We didn't land in the box of chocolate. The box of chocolate landed on us!

Forrest Hitler: White chocolates only!

Forrest the Frog:

Someday we'll find it,
The chocolate connections
The plain ones,
The cream filled....and me...

Forrest Eastwood: I know what your thinking...Did he eat five chocolates, or did he eat six. Well let me ask you...Do you feel hungry PUNK? Well...DO YOU?

Forrest Barney:

I'm cream-filled, your with nuts.
We're a box of chocoluts

Forrest Adam and Eve: "Chocolates are forbidden." "Just eat one..."

Forrest Moses: I command the chocolates to seperate!

Forrest Noah: 2 creams, 2 nuts, 2 coconuts, 2 peanut butter

Forrest Ali: I am the chocolate boxer!

Forrest on Phonics: Lief es lyk a boks uv chakolets

Forrest PsychicLine: Yes, I knew you were a chocolate

Forrest 900-line: Oooh, can I suck your cream filled chocolates?

Forrest DatingGame: Bacholer number two...if I was a piece of chocolate...What would you fill me with?

Forrest Alimony: The box is mine!

Forrest Adultery: You just can't have just one chocolate.

The Forrest Plague: Ewww...these chocolates are bad

Chief Justice Forrest Thomas: I never touched her milk-duds!

Forrest Andrews: The hills are a box of chocolates

Forrest Allen: Chocolate, huroof...

Forrest Costello: Who's eating chocolate?

Forrest Abbott: No, who is not eating chocolate.

Forrest Vader: Luke, I am your chocolate

Forrest Yoda: There is a dark chocolate, and a light chocolate...

Forrest Butthead: is like a box of um...chocolates

Forrest Beavis: Heh heh, you said "box".

Forrest Freud: Is life really a box of chocolates...or is it your mother you want?

Forrest SkeeLo: I wish I had a box of chocolates

Forrest Trebek: The answer: This is like a box of chocolate. The question: What is life...

Forrest Hillary: Hey, Bill...those are my chocolates!

Forrest Fudd: Wife is wike a box uv chocowates

Forrest Calvin: It's not a box of chocolates, it's a transmorfgorizing ray!!

Forrest Tannen: Chocolates...McFly

Dr. Forrest Ruth: Chocolate is nice, but sex is better!

The Forrest Zone: There is another dimension, beyond that which is known to man. It's a dimension of cream-filled bon-bons, or nutty carmel turtles, and it lies in the white cardboard box, in the pit of my lap. It is a candy-coated center of comparision, and it is a place we call, The Forrest Zone.

Forrest Latin: ifela sia a oxba foa hocolatesa

Forrest Lincoln: Forescore and several chocolates ago...

Forrest Satan: Life is a box of melted chocolates (Sign)

Forrest Churchlady: Chocolates...well, isn't that special

Forrest Wayne: Sh-yeah..and life is like a box of chocolates as if...

Forrest Garth: Hey, Mister Chocolate Man...who's trying to kill you? I don't know but her better not...

Forrest Bond: Life's a box of exploding chocolate

Forrest Smurf: Smurf is a smurf of smurfs

Forrest '95: The box is the same, the chocolates are upgraded....

Forrest Lennon: Imagine there's no chocolate.

Forrest Hall: Will you take the box of chocolates...or what's behind CURTAIN NUMBER TWO?

Forrest Press your Luck: Box of chocolates! No Whammies...STOP!

Forrest of Fortune: LIFE I_ LIKE _ __X _F CH_C_L_TE_

Forrest Popeye: I yam a box of eg eg eg

Forrest Ice:

If you got a chocolate,
Yo I'll box it.
Check out my life,
As my D.J. Rocks it!

Forrest Ross: Life is a happy little box of chocolates

Forrest Bill and Ted: Dude, life's totally a box of chocolates! EXCELLENT! AIR GUITARS TRIUMPHANTLY

Forrest Fife: This box of chocolates is a lethal weapon!

Forrest Stooges: Look, chocolates....nyuk nyuk nyuk...Scram, wise guy **BOink** Leave him alone, Moe! Oh you want in on it too... **SLAP**/CRASH/

Forrest Reagan: Life is a box of um.....

Forrest Bush: This will not be another box of chocolates!

Forrest Limbaugh: Life may be a box of chocolates...But the Democrats are all nuts...

Forrest COPS on location:

Bon bons, bon bons
whatcha going to do,
whatcha gonna do, when someone eats you!

Forrest Fued: "Life is like a?" "Box of chocolates..." "Ooh, good answer, good answer...Box of chocolates...SURVEY SAYS?"

Forrest Native Americans: These chocolates are moving to a smaller box...