QUEEN CREEK, Ariz. (AP) -- A telephone salesman who heard a woman screaming in the background of a call kept the customer talking and notified authorities, who found the man's father dead and his blind mother wounded.

Kenneth Dean Haley was in jail on suspicion of murder in the attack Friday.

Haley's father, Marvin Haley, was stabbed 45 to 50 times. One of his eyes was gouged out and the other was crushed. Haley's mother, who had been blinded in a March attack by another son, was stabbed in the neck and bruised.

"I kept hearing a woman in the background, so I knew I had to keep him away from her, so I just kept talking to him," the telemarketer told KPHO-TV. "I'm just happy she's alive."

The salesman, who works in Tempe, asked to be identified in the television report only as Mark. Belia Fessenden, a Pinal County sheriff's spokeswoman, said she didn't know who he worked for or what he was selling.

Mark said he was working alone when he called the Haley home, 30 miles Southeast of Phoenix, at 1:15 p.m. He said he heard screams but had to wait for a co-worker to come in to call 911.

Mark said he kept Haley, 39, on the phone for 15 to 20 minutes, until deputies arrived.

"We need to thank him because he saved my mother," said Ginger Ray, one of the couple's five children.

"He (Kenneth Haley) always had a little edge on his shoulder that everybody owed him something," said Ray's husband, Kevin. "I don't know where the violence came from."

Marvin Haley, 61, had sought a restraining order against Kenneth last week.

Another son, Wesley Haley, 34, is awaiting trial on aggravated assault charges after allegedly blinding his mother.