One day, the deacons of a certain church undertook the task of repainting it. The paint was fading and chipping, so it depserately needed it. They had decided that one coat of paint would not be enough and thusly continued with a second coat. They came to the last side of the building when they discovered they did not have enough paint to finish it. They hardware store was closed, so they could not make a trip into town to just get some more paint. Being a Saturday, they wanted to finish it by by Sunday so they church would have a complete new paint job. So, they added a little paint thinner and continued to paint. They added alittle more paint thinner 1/2 through with the side because they were again low on paint. As they finally finished it and were cleaning up the area a huge thunderstorm came and began to wash all of the paint off of the building. As it rained, they heard a voice from above saying "REPAINT! REPAINT! AND THIN NO MORE!"