Deep in Heaven's basement
an angel began to yell
"I've found a brand new mixture!"
Then turned, tripped, and fell.

The vial he was holding
broke upon the floor,
and all the little atoms
ran right out Heaven's door.

Seeing the open space,
they jumped and danced and sang.
And then they all exploded
with a huge terrific BANG!

The angel went to God
and apologized in tears.
"You've started a new creation," said God
"I hadn't planned on that for years."

Seeing the mess the angel made,
God began to clean.
He made several little spheres,
one was blue and green.

On this He put some animals,
trees and flowers too.
And then He put Man and Woman.
and assured to all, "I'll take care of you."

Sitting back, God said to the angel,
"How's that for a rebirth?
It's a nice little planet,
I think I'll call it Earth."

(seen on the BBS)