May 8, 1994 13:30 from Chynna

"My Very Erotic Mate Joyfully Satisfies Unusual Needs Passionately" -My astronomy book's suggestion on how to remember the names and order of the planets.

May 8, 1994 23:30 from Chynna

"There is no specific point at which a man and woman are likely to initiate copulation. It can happen anytime the coast is clear." --my biology book on the sexual habits of the human species

"The average male human achieves orgasm in less than two minutes." -Shape Magazine quoting the Kinsey Report.

Match what a man says with what he wants:

  1. "These flowers are for you."
  2. "Can I have your number?"
  3. "You look beautiful."
  4. "I've enjoyed tonight."
  5. "What we have is special."
  6. "I love you."

They say that cleanliness is next to godliness...well, I looked it up and cleanliness is next to cleavage...what do you think that means?