Indirect evidence that men are stupid...

An excerpt from "The Strategies of Human Mating", in American Scientist, Vol. 82, No. 3, May-June 1984, pp. 238-249.

"This issue [strategies of human mating] was addressed in a novel way by Russell Clark and Elaine Hatfield of the University of Hawaii. They designed a study in which college students were approached by an attractive member of the opposite sex who posed one of three questions after a brief introduction: 'Would you go on a date with me tonight?' 'Would you go back to my apartment with me tonight?' or 'Would you have sex with me tonight?'

Of the women who were approached, 50 percent agreed to the date, 6 percent agreed to go to the apartment and none agreed to have sex. Many women found the sexual request from a virtual stranger to be odd or insulting. Of the men approached, 50 percent agreed to the date, 69 percent agreed to go back to the woman's apartment, and 75 percent agreed to have sex. In contrast to women, many men found the sexual request flattering. Those few men who declined were apologetic about it, citing a fiancee or an unavoidable obligation that particular evening. Apparently, men are willing to solve the problem of partner number by agreeing to have sex with virtual strangers."