Please tell me more stories, add details to the stories I remembered, and correct anything I've misremembered!

Dan and Dave lived in 145, which soon became known as the Center for Entropic Studies because it was so messy. They lived there for two years.

Jeanne Thienprasit lived in 334. She frequently made goodies like brownies for our floor. I think she married Scott Kesapradisit sometime after they graduated.

Sharon Tentarelli was the 3-290 floor mom. She was always the voice of reason in many weird plans. She lived in 341 (next to me). She graduated in three years with a chemistry degree and went to work at Polaroid. She had a loom and was in the SCA.

Erika originally lived in 345. She had an awful time waking up with an alarm. She would put it at full blast any everyone else would be awake, but she would still be asleep. So we'd go wake her up. Also, her phone number was 3-SEXY.

Dean and Justin did all kinds of strange things. Once when they were drunk, they bought four boxes of Fruit Loops and proceeded to separate the colors in all the boxes. They were eating single-color Fruit Loops for months after that.

Believe it or not, some of us didn't have our own computers in our freshman year. Also, there was no ResNet, so we could only dial in, and therefore couldn't really get X. So we used to spend a lot of time just going to Athena clusters and playing games and zephyring. We used to play xgrav a lot, and often everyone else would gang up on me -- for no reason!

The first time Mike Schultz taught us to play the Silly Game was during a party. We were doing silly things and laughing so hard that everyone that came through thought that we had had just a little too much to drink...

During November 1992, a bunch of us (as I recall: me, Kevin, Dave, Dan, Shabby, Aaron, Jen Mead) went to The Star Trek Experience at the Science Museum. They had cool demos of "Star Trek technology" and mock-ups of some sets. One of the demos was a "trip" to an alien planet via the transporter. The "crew" stepped into an area and through a blue screen and video camera, it looked on the TV sets as if we were in the transporter room. Then we got a transporter effect and we were "beamed" to the alien planet, where we had to fight off the native animals. Finally, when we were "beamed" back, we all jumped out of the room so it looked as if no one reappeared on the transporter pad. At least one person waiting in line gasped, "They didn't come back!" Later on we took a survey about the exhibit and insisted that they rescue us from the transporter beam. This trip was additionally good because we first got to know Aaron and Jen Mead (who was in Kevin's 8.01X class).

Sometime during IAP or February of 1993, some of us tried to do some hacking. One late night, we were looking around and ran into a group of more experienced hackers. They said they were going up onto Great Dome and invited us to go with them. We went up to the library under the Great Dome. One of them had already hacked a sensor in the library so that we could get into the elevator room up on the 8th floor. From the elevator room, we could get out into the "moat" around the dome. There was a long ladder kept in the moat, but due to the fact that it was winter, we had to chip it out of ice. Then we used the ladder to get up on Great Dome. It was quite a scary climb up the ladder and it was very cold.

Kevin and Dan made their first birthday cake for Shabby's birthday in Feb. 1993. They were going to make a two-layer cake with round layers. After they put the batter in the pans, they realized that they had forgotten to grease the pans. So they had to dump the batter back out, grease the pans, and then try it again. They ended up just frosting the layers separately and not stacking them. It was quite an accomplishment, though.

In the summer of 1993, Aaron and Kevin were courting two babes from Wellesley that Jen and Dave had introduced. One day they (and me) organized a big spaghetti dinner, which we prepared in the basement kitchen using Sharon's baby-cooker pot. Once the spaghetti dinner was ready, Kevin and Aaron insisted on serving everyone. I made a smart ass comment, and Kevin proceeded to serve the spaghetti in my lap! I think things went downhill from there...

Aaron got his new laptop in 1993 (I think) and was showing off all the cool stuff that he had gotten with Windows. One of the programs was an online atlas. So we looked at Massachusetts and Pennsylvania, and then Aaron said he was going to bring up Colorado. I looked at the screen and said, "Where's the state?" It was's just that Colorado is just a big square, and it filled the screen.

Scott and I were Rush Chairs for Random's 1993 rush. This is the first rush where we built a wooden movie screen on the roofdeck.

In December 1993 or 1994, a bunch of Horde members went to the top of the little dome to watch a space shuttle launch that was supposed to be visible from Boston. Dave, Bill, and Kevin at least went to that...I was projecting or at Concert Choir.

In January 1994, a bunch of us (me, Bill, Dan, Kevin, Michele Matthews, Phil, and Dawn) went to Disney World. Since we wanted to save money, we ate a lot at the Shoney's across the street and other cheap places. I believe that it's on this trip that Kevin, Bill, and Phil spent a lot of time sucking Jell-o through straws.

In 1994, Pramod spent a lot of time getting his room (313) hacked. Ethan and Vinnie (and others?) covered his room with Strange Days posters left over from LSC. When Pramod left the poster up (because it actually looked kind of cool), they filled his room with magnetic tape.

Jacob loved OK Soda when it came out. He saved his OK Soda bottles and cans and started an OK Soda website. He would buy lots of soda from machines in order to get the prize cans that had hats or t-shirts in them. After Coke(?) stopped making OK Soda, Vinnie, Ethan, and Dan hacked his collection: they hid it and put up a sign saying it had been discontinued.

Dan and I projected the overflow show of The Fugitive in 10-250; Dan was the subdirector and I was the lowly projectionist. However, one of the projectors in 10-250 was not working, so we had to show all of the reels on the other projector. Under Dan's direction, we got a procedure down for changing the reels and threading extremely quickly. It was quite a rush!

In May 1994 we (Dawn, Kevin McMahon, me, Bill, Kevin, Michele Matthews, Dan, Sameer, Phil) made our first trip to Dawn's parents' cabin in Vermont on Lake Champlain. Driving was amusing: Dawn drove Kevin McMahon's car, and Kevin McMahon drove the rental car. Naturally, we had to thoroughly test the acceleration and braking of the rental car. :) There was a fireplace in the cabin, which we used extensively. We spent one night dumping the chemicals from an old chemistry set on the fire. We tried to grill bone-in chicken one night, but it took so long that we ended up boning and pounding the breasts. We also took a rowboat out onto Lake Champlain.

During the summer of 1994, enough Horde members were around that we started having difficulty organizing lunches, especially since some people wanted to go to Walker, while others were in the Lobdell camp. So Phil(?) wrote the lunch program. On Athena, once you added the right lockers, you could just type "lunch" and the program would tell you how long until we met for the next lunch, where the next lunch would be, and where the next several lunches would be.

The lunch program quickly spawned the "newtime" program. Phil, Kevin, and especially Bill thought that our divisions of minutes into hours, hours into days, days into weeks, weeks into months, and months into years was just silly. So they came up with "newtime", which divides a day into 10 hours; a day being the same length as the regular day. Each hour had 100 minutes, which caused a second to be approximately 1.5 regular seconds. Then they made a week of 10 days, with a work week consisting of two days off, three days on, two days off, and three days on. Then a month had three weeks, and a year had 12 months, with 5 (or 6) "festival days" to make up the extra days.

In 1994, we made our first trip to a taping of Conan O'Brien. We (Sameer, Shabby, Dan, Aaron, Kevin, Bill, me, Phil) got shirts that each had one letter spelling "krunk it!". During Conan's audience warm-up, he came up and talked to Sameer. Shabby and Dan got Conan to call him "Slick". Unfortunately we didn't get any major camera time on the actual show.

A card game that we played a lot was called Napoleon; we liked it because you could play it with different numbers of people. One time, Aaron, Kevin, Dan (?), and I were playing. Aaron thought that he had a really great hand, so he bid 13 no-trump, which was the highest possible bid. Due to the magic card he picked, I was his partner! We managed to get 12 out of the 13 tricks, but I pummeled Aaron anyway.

Someone came up with a hack idea for the 8.02 final. The idea was that the screen in the front of the room would unroll during the final and show a picture of TNG's Deanna Troi; then the loudspeaker would say something like, "I feel pain, suffering..." etc. This meant that someone would have to be in the room to activate the apparati. Well, as I remember, the picture and sound never really came together. However, some of us (Bill, Dan, Kevin, others?) did take the final, filling in the answers as if they were Star Trek TNG characters. I remember that Dan was Troi, but I don't remember anyone else's character.

In 1995, Dan, Shabby, Jacob, and I entered APO's lip synching contest. We did Weird Al's "One More Minute", with Dan as Weird Al. We watched the video extensively to come up with our background singers' choreography. We won "Best Lip Synch" in the contest.

Also in 1995, there was a move in Random to put on a hack. Toward the end of the semester, some student art projects were displayed in Lobby 7. One of them were these large bugs crawling up the columns. So it was decided to construct a large can of Raid to hang from the ceiling to "spray" the bugs. The Raid can looked very nice, but unfortunately we were caught by the CPs when we tried to hang it. Later on, we Raid can skeleton was changed into a Jolt can, which was hung in Lobby 7 during finals week.

July 4th, 1995, was Bill and my first time in Boston over the 4th of July. We joined with other Horde members and Randoms in organizing a big trip. Some people left very early in the morning to stake out a good area on the Esplanade. Others (including me and Bill) came later with many carts and coolers worth of drinks and food, since it got into the nineties.

In January 1996, a bunch of us (me, Bill, Dan, Aaron, Kevin, Phil, Jacob) went to San Diego. We rented a condo, which was very nice and right on the ocean, although it was a little to cool to go into the water. The guys spent two days building separate very large sand castles to see how long they would last against the tide. We also went to the San Diego Zoo and saw some mating turtles. One couple was "racing" around the pen, with the male on top of the female, apparently having trouble getting lucky and making lovely grunting noises. Another female was digging a pit with alternate feet and peeing in it while switching feet.

Sometime during our time at MIT, we took to jumping in elevators. However, the elevator in building 35 (?) was not very happy when we jumped in it. It got stuck between floors. Dan and Aaron and I were stuck (?). We had run into the elevator without Kevin, so Kevin had to go locate a PhysPlant guy to let us out. He came with a mop.

During the April Fools Day, 1997, snowstorm, everyone pretty much became stranded where they were. Dave, Bill, and I were stuck in the apartment in Somerville, while Kevin and Phil were at Random with Candace and Lorraine. Those of us at the apartment helped the people in the other apartment shovel away all the tons of snow so that we could exit the building...

For Christmas 1997, I got Kevin a do-it-yourself volcano that you make out of plaster-of-paris. The following January he made the volcano, and one day decided to "erupt" it (using baking soda and vinegar(?)). He also put in some red food coloring to give it that lava-look. Well, the eruption was reasonably entertaining, with lava oozing out the top of the volcano. Then he mixed up a new batch with blue lava. The tubing that transported the lava through the volcano started to get clogged. Kevin squeezed the reservoir too tightly, and the clog unstuck itself by shooting blue lava all over the kitchen!

In August 1999 after I returned to BU after my wedding and honeymoon, Marc and Dan hacked my office cubicle. They taped a sheet of clear plastic over the doorway and then filled the cubicle with crumpled-up paper. I was suprised to say the least. They set up a video camera to tape my reaction; apparently a lot of people in the department had helped crumple paper. I had to gather up the paper and put it into trash bags largely by myself. Casey helped quite a bit by "swimming" around in the paper and pushing it out toward me.

Does anyone remember when we painted the Random boat in the building 9 sub-basement?