Star Trek Humor

Try out this spoof of the Bohemian Rhapsody: the Borgmanian Rhapsody

How about these plots for DS9 and the Dominion?

Hugh's On First!

Here's the lovely song Fifty Ways to Kill an Ensign.

This is a really funny spoof of "Officer Krupke", only with Officer Picard instead.

Here is what the Prime Directive really means, to the tune of Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

These are several different Star Trek versions of the Night Before Christmas.

I'll bet you never thought that Star Trek and the Love Boat had so much in common.

Here are a bunch of really bad Star Trek jokes.

What do you think of these possible plots for another season of the Next Generation?

These are some hilarious song parodies, sung by various Star Trek characters.

Here are some common phrases, as Spock might say them.

Here is Sub Rosa in Song, to the tune of "Rawhide".

The TNG version of "Star Trekkin'".

I'll bet you never realized that Star Trek was in theater so much. Here is a Next Generation musical and an original series trek opera.

On the lighter side, a Next Generation parody.

You've heard of the Three Little Pigs? How about the Three Little Officers?

Here are all the Star Trek top ten lists you could possibly want.

Enjoy the spoof song "I Can't Thrive at Warp 5" to the tune of "I Can't Drive 55".

And the last spoof song: "We Didn't Start the Series"

What if Dr. Seuss wrote for Star Trek?