Sex and Love Humor

First a warning. I named this my sex and love section for a reason-- it's about sex and love. : ) As such, the sex tidbits might get a bit lewd. If you might be offended by that, then don't read this section.

Here's a song about John Bobbit to the tune of the Beverly Hillbillies.

Following the Bobbit theme, here is a prayer that John Bobbit might say.

One last Bobbit item: some limericks about Bobbit.

I'll bet you didn't realize that breasts could depreciate.

How about a story about getting the president of Chase Manhattan Bank by the balls?

Here's a chart of calories expended during certain sexual activities.

This will tell you how your favorite color determines your sex life.

Here's a rejection letter to someone who wanted to be a condom tester.

How do men compare to cookie dough?

Here's a funny list of the differences between men and women.

How do you rate on the Dr. Seuss Purity Test?

I'll bet you thought that eels didn't have anything to do with sex.

Here are some comparisons between fencing and sex and food and sex.

This is an interesting tale on why men's socks are Freudian.

Some parents think children are as good as gold.

Here are Rita Rudner's 50 facts about men.

Read about the adventures of an Italian guest in London.

Here are some funny things that kids say about love.

Bawdy limericks.

Here is a list of love tips for all you clueless men out there.

Why do guys always have to act so macho?

Would you like to enroll in some of these new classes?

Here are some funny odds and ends I picked up.

Guys, what would you do if the government tried to tax your penis?

Here's one guy's experience with the local pharmacist.

This is an unusual property dispute.

Did you know that in England they can have proxy fathers?

Here is the 1500 question Purity Test.

Are you having trouble controlling yourself?

Here's a true story of a man who accidentally semi-castrated himself. This is not for the squeamish.

Are you tired of not getting any? Well, here's presidential advice on what to do.

Here's a list of possible condom slogans.

What would happen if Superman started having sex?

Check out this survey.

I'll bet that you never thought that coffee could help you find your true love.

This is a nice poem on the true meaning of love.

Try this spoof of the Aladdin song "A Whole New World": A Whole Nude World.

Women, are you ready to arm yourselves?

Men, check this out and see what type your woman is.

Here's an unusual grounding strap.

I'll bet that you thought Neil Armstrong walking on the moon had nothing to do with sex.

Check out this Hungarian interview with Madonna.

Some thieves are really stupid.

Real life cybersex.

Do you need to tan your genitals?

Here's a two-for-one hitman.

Slipping viagra into your husband's drink may not be good...

What if companies made their own condoms?

Have you ever heard of a telepathic watch?

Make sure you know how to control the Voo Doo dick.

How Far Will You Go? (Warning! Not for the squeamish!)

A nun finds the Key to Heaven.

A woman who got a bee in her, um, bonnet?

Why men really like power tools.

Something I'll be you didn't know was sweet.