"I am Homer of Borg. Prepare to be assim... OOH! DONUTS!"

"I am Popeye of Borg. You will be askimilgrated."

"I am Porky Pig of Borg. You will be abbadi abbadi abbadi assimilated!"

"Hi, ho! Kermit the Borg here, with an assimilation news flash!"

"Borg, James Borg."

"I am Svedish Chef of Burg. Borg, borg, borg. Prepaur to bey assimilatedy."

"I am Arnold Scwharzenneger of Borg. Prepare to be assim..assimil... terminated! Resistahnce is fuetil. Ahl be back, Picard."

"I am Lwaxana Troi of Borg, Daughter of the 5th House, holder of the sacred chalice, Keeper of the Holy Rings of Betazed and I want to assimilate your body...."

"I am Bjorn of Borg. We will be back to face you at Wimbledon!!"

"I am Bart of Borg: assimilate my shorts!"

"I am Paulkeating of Borg. This is the assimilation we've had to have."

"I am Bart of Borg... Who the hell are you?"

"I didn't assimilate. Nobody saw me assimilate. You can't prove anything."

Chalkboard: "I will not assimilate others."

"Hi. We're the Blues Brothers. We're on a mission from Borg."

"We are Borg. Hear us roar."

"I am Locutus, of the Hair Club for Men. I'm not just the president. I've been assimilated myself!"

"I am Locutus of Ford. Pontiac is irrevalant. Excitement is irrevalant. Your door is ajar."

"I'm Ross Perot of Borg. Now assimilation, that's just sad..."

"I'm am Barker of Borg. You will come on down..."

Beverly: Excuse me captain, but are those Bugle Borg jeans you're wearing?

Picard: Why, yes they are.

Beverly: Thank you.

"I am smorgas borg...EAT ME!"

Borg, Borg, Borg of the Jungle,

Strong as he can be--

That tree is irrelevant.

"I am Mr. T Borg. You will be assimilated, fool"

"Be vewy vewy quiet. I'm assimiwating a wace." -- Fudd of Borg

"I am Bill Gates of Borg. Your computer will be assimilated..."

"I am Alex Trebek of Borg. The answer is irrelevant."

"I am Jesse Jackson of Borg. Resistance is moot."

"I am Bill Clinton of Borg. You will become one with our taxes."

"I am Bush of Borg. New taxes are irrelevant."

"I am Quayle of Borge. Yu will bee assimillatede."

"I am Letterman of Borg. Top ten reasons why you will be assimilated. Number 10..."

"Pepsi, the choice of the Next Generation."

"I am Hillary Clinton of Borg. Doctors are irrelevant and will be assimilated."

"I am Kirk of Borg. YOU...WILL...*BE*...............assimilated."

"I am Mr. Rogers of Borg. It's a beautiful day to assimilate, a beautiful day to assimilate. Oh, won't you join the collective?"

Foghorn of Borg: "Prepauh, I say Prepauh to be assimilated!"

"We are the Borgs who say 'NIH!!!' Resistance is futile. If you do resist we shall say NIH!!!! at you."

"I am Heisenborg. You will be assimilated at some uncertain location now."


  1. "I Can't Get No Assimilation" by Rolling Stonus of Borg
  2. "Runaway Cube" by Soul Asylumus of Borg
  3. "Always Something There to Assimilate Me" by Naked Eyeus of Borg
  4. "Too Much Assimilation" by Duranus Duranus of Borg
  5. "Dilithium" by Nirvanus of Borg
  6. "Borgmanian Rhapsody" by Queenus of Borg
  7. "Assimilation (In the Name of Borg)" by U2us of Borg
  8. "Little Borg Can't Be Wrong" by Spin Doctorus of Borg
  9. "Borg in Heaven" by Eric Claptonus of Borg
  10. "Borg in the U.S.A." by Bruce Springsteenus of Borg
---Juvenus of Borg

"I am Yoda of Borg. Futile is resistance. Assimilate you I will."