"You are my prisoner!"

"What a strategic triumph for the Romulan Empire" (Bochra and Geordi; The Enemy)

"Don't tell me; their rubber band broke" (Geordi; Samaritan Snare)

"This [an alien probe] is why I'm IN Starfleet" (Geordi, to Barclay; The Nth Degree)

"I never lie when I have sand in my shoes, Commander." (Geordi to Bochra; The Enemy)

"Welcome to Galornden core, where no good deed goes unpunished." (Geordi, The Enemy)

"We look for things."

"Yeah, so I hear." (Pakled "captain" and Geordi, Samaritan Snare)

"Shaving is a human art form, Data. Technological perfection can shave too close." (LaForge, Code Of Honor)

"It's great to hear your voice, Captain. We're a little busy right now. I'll get right back to you." (LaForge, The Arsenal Of Freedom)

"I'll take a look and see if there're any rules I haven't broken." (LaForge, Deja Q)

"I spent two hours having a cozy little chat with the computer." (LaForge, Violations)

Hugh: "You will be assimilated."

Geordi: "Yes, but BEFORE that happens, we'd like to run some tests." (I, Borg)

"Most interesting, could this be human joke number 663?"

"Negative, Data. That's a Captain's order." (Data and Geordi, Code of Honor)

"Possibly, a malfunction in their engines, Sir?"

"Breaks my heart." (Data and Geordi, The Last Outpost)

"They make love at the drop of a hat."

"*Any* hat." (Geordi and Yar, Justice)

"Sure is a damn ugly nothing." (Geordi, Where Silence has Lease)

"And you don't resent it?"

"The VISOR or being blind? Since they are both part of me and I really like who I am, why should I resent them?" (Riva and Geordi, Loud as a Whisper)

"I suppose it had to happen. It usually does at about this age."

"What does?"

"Glands, erupting with hormones." (Geordi and Wes, The Dauphin)

"So what are you saying? That the Dremans are fated to die?"

"It's something that needs to be considered."

"Well consider it considered and rejected." (Geordi and Riker, Pen Pals)

"Smiling would break his concentration." (Geordi about Worf, The Emissary)

"Great, another woman who won't get personal with me on the holodeck." (Geordi, Booby Trap)

"I am not used to having people question my judgement."

"And I'm not used to dying." (Leah Brahms and Geordi, Booby Trap)

"Shoes are getting full of sand. I just hate that, don't you?" (Geordi to Bochra, The Enemy)

"Shut up, Q!" (Geordi, Deja Q)