"I never gave death a second thought. Or a first, for that matter." (Q)
Vash: "You act like you know everything!"

Q: "But... I do know everything!"

Vash: "What did they call you? The god of lies?"

Q: "They meant it affectionately."

To Worf: "Eat any good books lately?"
"It's difficult to work in groups when you're omnipotent." (Q, Deja Q)
"Pity, you might have learned an interesting lesson, macrohead with a microbrain." (Q, Hide and Q)
"Let us pray for understanding and for compassion."

"Let us do no such damn thing." (Q and Picard Q, Hide and Q)

"Will you stop interrupting me. I mean, this is hardly a time to be teaching you the true nature of the Universe." (Q, Hide and Q)
"And microbrain, growl for me. Let me know you still care." (Q, Q-Who)
"If you can't take a little bloody nose, maybe you had better go back home and crawl under your bed." (Q, Q-Who)
"These aren't my COLORS!" (Q, Deja Q)
"I am sensing an emotional presence, Captain. I would normally describe it as being terrified."

"How rude!" (Troi and Q, Deja Q)

"Q, the miserable. Q, the desperate. What must I do to convince you people?"


"Oh, very clever Worf. Eat any books lately?" (Q and Worf, Deja Q)

"You will walk or I will carry you."

"Given the option, I'll... I'll walk." (Worf and Q, Deja Q)

"I can't disappear...anymore than you could win a beauty contest." (Q, Deja Q)
"This is getting on my nerves...now that I have them." (Q, Deja Q)
"I've been under a lot of pressure lately...family problems." (Q to Dr. Crusher, Deja Q)
"I hear they drummed you out of the continuum."

"I'd like to think of it as a significant career change." (Guinan and Q, Deja Q)

"I add a little spice, a little excitement to your lives, and all you do is complain!" (Q, Q Who)
"Simple, change the gravitational constant of the Universe." (Q, Deja Q)
"As a human, I would have died of boredom." (Q, Deja Q)
Geordi [at staff meeting]: "It's like somebody threw the laws of physics right out the window!"

Q [appearing]: "And why shouldn't we get rid of them? They can be so inconvenient."

"Welcome to the afterlife, Jean-Luc, you're dead." (Q, Tapestry)
"I'll have ten chocolate sundaes. I'm in a really bad mood." (Q)
"It's not safe out there. It's wondrous, with treasures to satiate desires both subtle and gross. But it is NOT for the timid." (Q, Q Who)
"Sometimes I think the only reason I visit is to hear these wonderful speeches of yours." (Q, True Q)
"You don't have to eat, you know. It's a nasty human habit you could easily do without." (Q, True Q)
Picard: "You are not God!"

Q: "Blasphemy! You're lucky I don't cast you out, or smite you or something." (Tapestry)

"You weren't like this before the beard." (Q, True Q)
"Picard! How about a hug?" (Q)
Geordi: "And how am I supposed to do that?"

Q: "You just do it!"

"I'm claustrophobic. I don't like it in here." (Q, Deja Q)
"I feel pain. I don't like it. What's the right thing to say? Ow?" (Q, Deja Q)
To Data: "I would never curse you by making you human." (Q, Data Q)
To Worf: "In my heart of hearts, I am a Klingon. If you would speak to the captain on my behalf, I'd be eternally grateful--which doesn't mean as much as it used to." (Q, Deja Q)
"I felt weak. I couldn't stand. The life was oozing out of my body. I lost consciousness." (Describing the "dreadful" experience of falling asleep) (Q, Deja Q)