This is what's going to happen during the seventh season of TNG and the second season of DS9...

Paramount, wishing to milk their cash cow for all it's worth, will demand more shows. Obeying, the producers will dish out the following...

The Borg collective will return, changed by Hugh. There mission now is to obliterate all wishy-washy and boring races. Their first target: Bajor.

The Enterprise responds to the distress signal from DS9 and saves everyone but Kira, who dies horribly in an beverage replicator accident.

>From this, many shows are born...

Thought I'd give you MY list of epsiodes for the next season of TNG, it can't be anymore wrong than any of the other ones....


Data and Lore decide that destroying all races in the galaxy is not a lucrative business idea, so Lore and the renegade borg decide to open up a chain of fast food restuarents caled "Borg are King" The only problem is, all the burgers are the same. The episode finishes with Data apologizing profusely for ten minutes to every member of the crew for his bad actions, negative feelings, selfishness, and the entire first season of TNG.


Commander Riker decides to stay up all nigth and watch all the episodes of the "Avengers" When he comes onto the bridge the next day looking frazzled, he is committed and goes insane for a few hours, then at the end combs his hair and the crew realizes he is fine.


Wesley Crusher comes back to visit and goes to Ten-forward to get a drink, but the line is to long. Wes, being the putz he is, alters the space-time contimunm so he can travel backwards and get in line before everyone else, but he goes back to far and ends up in Star Trek V.


Counselor Troi is hit on the head and thinks she is a 20th century buuilding contractor. She spends the episode walking around the ship with her pants barely covering her ass, a large tool belt and errantly fixing things that aren't broken, all the while whistling at female crew members and calling them "babe" and "chick." She gets her memory back when Geordi lures her into a treatment chamber disguised as a local pub.

LOCAL 435:

Because of captain Picard's unwillingnes to put a bathroom on the bridge, the bidge crew forms a local union and calls a strike. This episode shows Picard sweating profusely and constantly wiping his head.


Data, Ensign Ro, and Worf get bored and leave the Enterprise to start a rock group . Their tour ends abruptly when Worf gets mad at their agent and rips off his arms.


Ensgin Ro is on the show for two consecutive episodes and gets a decent haircut.


Dr. Crusher gets hooked on pills (which are actually only red tic-tacs) and has to go to Starfleet rehab where she is taunted for being an idiot and for being in "Taking Care of Business" Guest appearence by Jim Belushi.


Gowron begins to go insane and declares war on Cardassisa, but he spells it wrong in the war declaration and the Klingon fleet destroys car washes in every system before the Enterpise tells them they are wrong. Then the Klingons claim it was a training exercise and go home to beat the hell out of Gowron.


A mysterious alien force captures the Enterprise, insults the crew and cops a feel of of Counselor Troi.


DS9 crossover episode. Dr. Bashir, Riker, Geordi and Worf are trapped together on a research mission, and Worf slaps the hell out of Bashir becuase of his annoying laugh, then Worf is attacked by Odo, who is bitter becuase Odo had been watching Worf and had been disguised as his toilet for two days. (EWWWWWW!)

BOYS WILL BE BOYS: (Two parter )

Worf's son Alexander is caught selling isolinear chips showing Troi and Crusher in various modes of undress. Worf punishes Alexander and then sells them to the captain in exchange for becoming first officer. Riker is fired and goes to DS9, where he is mocked and teased by Sisko and Dax.