The following are lines Spock might have said followed by what was really said:

This celebratory gathering occurs at my behest and I shall be lachrymose if it so befits me.
She chooses to purchase a terraced incline directed toward a post-life paradisiacal region.
The leather coverings now encasing my pedal extremities have been manufactured for the specific purpose of ambulatory forward motion.
Adieu, jaundiced vehicular pathway consisting of bricks of baked clay.
And we will engage in much jubilant activity until such time as the male parent chooses to repossess her vehicle of motorized transport.
The deity had little or nothing to do with the manufacture of minuscule viridescent seed-bearing fruits.
Allow me the honor of portraying for you a miniaturized representation of a member of the family Ursidae of the order Carnivora.
You provide illumination for the period of time delimited by my nativity and the complete cessation of my metabolic functions.
Express deep affection towards yours truly in the manner of a hardened igneous object.
Spock: I possess the capability of performing ocular scans of manual inscriptions on a vertical partition.