Melissa and Bill's Wedding

Bill and I got married on August 7, 1999. The wedding was held at Grace United Methodist Church in Oil City, PA. Associate Pastor Jack Friggle and Father John Swoger (from St. Joseph's Church) performed the ceremony. The reception was held at the Wanango Country Club in Reno, PA.

I've scanned in a bunch of pictures from the wedding for your enjoyment.

The Rehearsal

The rehearsal was held the night before the wedding. Here I am walking down the aisle. Here are Bill and I rehearsing the ceremony. And here we are again. Lorraine, Phil, Kevin, and Candace at the rehearsal. Finally, here is Marc caught in the act (of opening his gift).

The rehearsal dinner was held at the Franklin Club. Here's the head table. And Kevin blowing bubbles.

The Wedding

A pre-ceremony photo of my parents and I.

A pre-ceremony shot of Bill. He doesn't look at all nervous!

A view of the ceremony from the church's balcony.

Bill and I walking up the aisle after the ceremony.

And now the posed photographs:

The Reception

Here are Bill and I for the toast.

The cake cutting:

Bill and I with Patty and Marc.

Bill and I with Melanie and Dan.

Here I am about to throw the bouquet.

Here is an outside picture of Bill and I.

An icky kissing picture of Bill and I at the pre-bridal portrait sitting.

In the end, we always knew Marc likes me a lot.

Candid Pictures

We had disposable cameras at each table at the reception. We got some really interesting pictures from them.

Here's Dan and Aaron at the reception.

Here are Dan and Melanie at the reception, and here's Patty as well.

Kevin and Candace were popular photo subjects, probably due to their excessive cuteness.

Bill and I leaving amidst bubbles.

The candid pictures did inspire some people to show off their best assets.

The Honeymoon

We went to Paris and London for our honeymoon. I didn't bother to scan in any of these pictures because we're not in them! They are all places. Oh, well.

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