Some of my favorite poetry in spanish, collected here so that I do not forget.
The english translations are my own (not necessarily good, but at least accurate).
The poems touch upon several topics: from victory and exultation to defeat and impending doom. Borges, always the intellectual, with an uncanny ability to convey complex meanings with simple words. Bécquer, the distilled quintessence of romanticism. Calderón de la Barca and Quevedo, the masters of the spanish golden century. Almafuerte, vitriolic and evangelical, with an eye for the best and worst of humankind. Neruda and Benedetti, intellectual and political, yet humanistic.
I also collect here some poetry that is popular as song. Pedro Garfias' poem Asturias about the Spanish Civil War has been popularized by Victor Manuel's interpretation. Mario Benedetti's poem "Te Quiero" is put to music in the excellent piece by Nacha Guevara. Jorge Fandermole's daydream lyrics for "Cuando" came to me sung by Carlos Baglietto. The immortal duet of Carlos Gardel and Alfredo Le Pera did a number of unforgettable lyrics and tunes, never mind the perfect interpretations by Gardel himself, who -- despite his untimely passing in 1935 -- as the saying accurately says, each day sings better.
I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.