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The comet

Comet Hyakutake from Waltham, MA, very near maximum. The skies close to Boston are not the best to observe a comet, but in this photo you can see a well developed tail and details inside the bright coma. This shot was taken with an f/5.6 200 mm objective, 30 seconds exposure using KodakColor ASA 1000 film.

Details in the coma

The coma (literally, the hair of the comet in Greek) is formed by the gas and dust ejecta from the nucleus (mostly sublimated H20 ices), and it is developed during the cometary passage closer than 3 AU from the Sun. The coma glows with scattered Sun light and some line fluorescence. Here the picture has been enhanced to show the detailed shape of the coma.

The Bradford's patio

It's not a junkyard. It's the front lawn of my friends, Dave and Cindy , in Waltham, MA. You can see the neighboring trees silhouetted against the bright Boston skies, with Hyakutake hanging just up and slightly to the left of Polaris. This shot was taken with an f/2.8 24 mm objective, 30 seconds exposure with flash, using KodakColor 1000 ASA film.