You can call me Doctor  
The party after the defense

After my successful defense (phiu!...) on August 18th 2000, the Institute for Astrophysical Research at Boston University put together a party to celebrate (thanks Kim and Dan). I have the honor of becoming the first graduate of the Institute. Good things come to those who wait...

Photos courtesy of Dave Bradford manning his screaming Kodak DC290.

Some of the culprits: left to right are Prof. Harlan Spence (committee chair), Prof. Thomas Bania (second reader), Prof. Juergen Stutzki (external member), me (victim), Prof. Tereasa Brainerd (committee member), and Prof. James Jackson (advisor). The hideous red tie with a fish motif belongs to Prof. Dan Clemens, and I hope it becomes a tradition for future Institute for Astrophysical Research PhDs to wear it during their defenses.

Prof. Clemens, reminding me to return his tie clean.

Nicolás eyeing the drinks.

Daddy, I want to toast too...

Clearly, Dave Bradford had one too many.

Who looks cooler?

Now I know...