Where to get HELP when using MATLAB

A.J. Melhus, 4-18-10
Four more places to get help when you are using MATLAB:


MATLAB's help function

% 1.  Use the <help> command.
%This brings up a basic list of features about the function or script
% you are interested in, in the command window:

help cosh    % brings up a list of features of the cosh function
 COSH   Hyperbolic cosine.
    COSH(X) is the hyperbolic cosine of the elements of X.
    See also <a href="matlab:help acosh">acosh</a>.

    Overloaded functions or methods (ones with the same name in other directories)
       <a href="matlab:help sym/cosh.m">help sym/cosh.m</a>

    Reference page in Help browser
       <a href="matlab:doc cosh">doc cosh</a>

% 2.  Use the HELP window.
%  Click on the characteristic blue box to bring up Matlabs help and demo
%  window.
%  - search for terms
%  - generally produces more results than <help> command line
%  - most sections have demos (view syntax and setup for problems)

MATLAB on the internet

% 3. Use the internet.
% - be wary of this method
% - but it is sometimes best tool for quick, bare-bones info
% - Google any Matlab-related question - someone probably has webpage
%   about it

Ask an actual person

% 4. If you are on the Univ. of MD campus:
% - Matlab tutors in Regents Drive Garage (PG-2) WAM lab
% - tutors are pros and can help with most Matlab problems, if you know how
%   to ask
%  link:  http://www.math.umd.edu/undergraduate/resources/tutoringmatlab.html
%  (you can also ask the OIT HelpDesk in CSS building about Matlab tutors)