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On Sunday, November 5, 2006 at approximately 4:30 pm an Inca Dove showed up at the feeders at our home in Laurel, MD (Prince George's County). Though not official yet, this bird may be the first of its species recorded in the state of Maryland. Fortunately I was able to take some (fuzzy) photos that afternoon in fading light and post them to the Maryland birders e-mail list (MDOSPREY). Those lucky enough to visit the following day got to see the bird return and feed with the Mourning Doves. As of today (11/10/06), the Inca Dove has not been seen since. Here are some of our photos, and a jumpy, grainy video. Some great photos taken by Mark Hoffman are available here. Enjoy! UPDATE: This sighting is now officially the first state record for Maryland!

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