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Theoretical Astrophysics  


I am currently a moderator/organizer for the Caltech daily astro-ph discussion group. Our daily discussion agenda can be found (and voted on) at caltech.voxcharta.org.

I am also the Theoretical Astrophysics Seminar organizer for the Caltech TAPIR group. The seminars are normally held on Fridays at 2pm in Cahill 370. If you are interested in giving a seminar you can check the schedule for availability and contact me.

I've put a few notes up describing the installation of matplotlib and a few basic python tools on OSX Mountain Lion.

NASA ADS is a useful site for searching for recent publications in astronomy and astrophysics.

ArXiv.org is the preprint server hosted at Cornell University.

Ask an Astronomer is a service hosted by the Astronomy graduate students at Cornell University. They have recently started a podcast that is probably worth your time.

My friends Ben and Jocelyn and I sometimes talk about physics with different guests on a podcast. You can find them at The Titanium Physicists Podcast.

The AAS job register is interesting for those looking for jobs. As is the Astrophysics job rumor mill. The International Astronomy Meeting Schedule is also useful for identifying conferences to attend.

Here is some useful background information on Neutron Stars, Extrasolar Planets, Protoplanetary disks, and Black Hole Accretion disks.

Some great science blogs include: Astro Better, Bad Astronomy, Cocktail Party Physics, Cosmic Variance, and Dinner Party Science (by my friend Barbara Ferriera). There is also the neat daily postings at Astrobites which are a series of summaries of new astro-ph postings by people graduate students at Harvard, written for an undergraduate audience.

My friend (and Caltech astrophysics colleague) Tony Piro also has a wonderful web comic called Calamities of Nature.

Speaking of webcomics, my favorites are: Penny Arcade, PvP, Girl Genius, xkcd, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, Dinosaur Comics, PhD Comics, Hark a Vagrant, and Schlock Mercenary. This list is, of course, non-exhaustive.

My Google Reader shared item feed is a much more active list of links that I update almost daily.