January 2016


Issue 72

Session PS03: Polarimetry of the Solar System and Beyond

at AOGS (Asia-Oceania Geoscience Society) General Assembly  

Beijing (China) on July 31 - August 5, 2016


See http://www.asiaoceania.org/aogs2016


Abstract submission deadline is March 4, 2016

Session rationale

Polarimetry is a currently enjoying a rejuvenation in various astronomical applications. As a complementary technique to

imaging and spectroscopy, polarization allows the investigation of scattering properties of variety of media ranging from

planetary atmospheres, comets, small bodies (planetary satellites, asteroids, Kuiper Belt objects, etc.) to detection and

characterization of exoplanets, brown dwarfs, star and planet forming regions; characterization of magnetic fields and search

for optically active molecules in a search for habitability elsewhere than our earth. We invite contributions from observers,

modelers, laboratory measurements, instrument designers and missions.


You may find interesting other sessions of the meeting, check them at http://www.asiaoceania.org/aogs2016



Bremen Workshop on Light Scattering 2016




Institut fuer Werkstofftechnik, IWT, Bremen, 7. + 8. March 2016


If you are interested to participate in the workshop please send an email to register. If you like to present a talk or present some input

for discussion please send a four page abstract to one of the organizers by 1. Feb. 2016 using this Word template.




Travel and Hotel information http://diogenes.iwt.uni-bremen.de/vt/laser/wriedt/Conferences/DDA-Travel.html



* T-Matrix Methods

* Generalized Multipole Methods

* Discrete Dipole Approximation

* Particle surface scattering interaction

* Evanescent wave scattering

* Near field enhancement

* Plasmonics

* Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy in the low loss region



Start: at 9.00 on 7.3.2016

End: at 17.00 on 8.3.2016

duration for talks 20 mins + 10 mins discussion


Venue: IWT, Institut fuer Werkstofftechnik http://www.iwt-bremen.de/en/iwt-home.html

Room FZB1250

Badgasteiner Str. 3

28359 Bremen,Germany


Proceedings: The proceedings and the final program will be sent by email prior to the workshop.


Fee: There will be no fee.


Organizing Committee:

Thomas Wriedt <mailto:thw@iwt.uni-bremen.de?subject=Workshop%202015 /,//Process & Chemical Engineering <http://www.iwt-bremen.de/en/process-chemical-engineering/powder-and-particle-measurement.html , Institut fuer Werkstofftechnik, Bremen, Germany

Yuri Eremin <mailto:eremin@cs.msu.su?subject=Workshop%202015 /,//Applied Mathematics and Computer Science Faculty

<http://cs.msu.su/index.html , Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia/


URSI Commission B International Symposium on Electromagnetic Theory (EMTS 2016)




Special Session: (S3) Multiple Scattering


VENUE: Aalto University, Espoo, Finland

DATE: from Sunday, August 14 to Thursday, August 18, 2016


OBJECTIVES: The session will focus on theoretical and numerical methods for electromagnetic scattering by complex particle systems that are large compared to the wavelength. Such methods include the exact Superposition T-Matrix Method (STMM) for finite systems of spherical particles, the exact Volume-Integral-Equation Methods (VIEMs) for systems of nonspherical particles (including the Discrete-Dipole Approximation, DDA), as well as the approximate far-field amplitude-matrix methods like RT-CB (Radiative-Transfer Coherent-Backscattering method) for large and infinite systems of particles. In particular, the Special Session addresses prospects for replacing the far fields with rigorous fields in the RT-CB -like methods.


REGISTRATION FEE: To be announced later on the website.



15 February 2016, Deadline for Abstracts

30 April 2016, Notification of Acceptance

31 May 2016, Early Bird and Author Registration

14-18 August 2016, EMTS



EMTS Primary Contact: Ari Sihvola, ari.sihvola@aalto.fi


Special Session (S3), Multiple Scattering, Primary Contacts:

Karri Muinonen, karri.muinonen@helsinki.fi

Daniel Mackowski, mackodw@auburn.edu