Light-scattering codes and databases


     SCIAPOL:  discrete ordinates FORTRAN code   for computing Stokes parameters of light reflected and transmitted by a finite homogeneous slab with a given optical thickness, single scattering albedo, and phase matrix:


     FORTRAN T-matrix codes for computing electromagnetic scattering by non-spherical and aggregated particles


     FORTRAN codes for computing the Bidirectional Reflection Function for flat particulate layers


     Database of scattering properties of non-spherical oceanic particles developed by Sean Herring


     EMCLAB - Computational Electromagnetic Modeling Codes Available on the Internet (University of Missouri)


     SCATLIB - Light Scattering and Radiative Transfer Codes Library maintained by P. Flatau


     A list of electromagnetic scattering programs supported by Thomas Wriedt


     Jena - St.Petersburg Database of Optical Constants and codes (JPDOC)


     Database of microwave analog to light scattering measurements (University of Florida)


     Amsterdam Light-Scattering Database (measured scattering matrix for rocks and minerals)


     Database of Optical Properties of small particles (DOP)


     E-print archive  





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