My Research

My research interests include computational astrophysics, orbital dynamics, and planetary defense. I am currently working with Professor Derek Richardson on studying the dynamics of the binary asteroid 65803 Didymos, the target of NASA's Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) mission. DART is a planetary defense mission that will test a kinetic impactor's ability to change the orbit of an asteroid by crashing into Didymos' moon at velocity of ~6km/s. I use pkdgrav, a parallel N-body tree code, to study the dynamical state of the Didymos system. pkdgrav treats each body as an aggregate of spheres to represent a 'rubble-pile', and can calculate collision and contact forces between the particles which allows us to do all kinds of fun stuff. Here is a movie from one of my simulations.

About Me

I grew up in Idaho where I learned to love the outdoors. I don't get to spend much time in the mountains anymore but I go fly-fishing in the DMV area when I get the chance. I moved to California where I majored in physics and astrophysics at UC Berkeley. Go Bears!! I love history and biographies, so I am in the process of reading a biography of every US president. I also love cooking and baking, especially with cast iron. I get roughly half of my calories through sourdough bread, which I make myself. I am a decent golfer, mediocre poker player, and bad chess player but I enjoy all three games equally. Because of my interest in scientific computing, I am (slowly) developing an N-body code for fun called HURRICANE which stands for Harrison Ramsey and JUlian wRote this In C and Made No Errors. The code is perfect, obviously.

Steelhead Fishing, South Fork, Clearwater River, Idaho

Go Bears!

Cal-Stanford football game with Steph.

Kobe Beef #1 with Nate

College graduate with my dad.

A baby sturgeon on the Columbia River.


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