ASTR220 Final Exam Details

The Final Exam will not be cumulative and will cover just the last 1/3 of the course. It will be heavily weighted on the material that I emphasized in class - this material may not all be contained in the Power Point slides that are posted online. It is worth 40 points if you chose not do the homework and 30 points if you did do the homework. Relevant topics include the Sun, stars and stellar evolution, multiple star systems, star clusters, galaxy morphology, galactic collisions, galaxy formation, supermassive black holes, active galactic nuclei, white holes, and wormholes. The only chapter of the book that will be covered on the final is chapter 2 which is about the Sun.

No notes, no calculators, no working with others allowed!

There will be both multiple choice questions and short answer questions as on the previous exams. I will put substantially more questions (worth fewer points each) on the in-class final so that not knowing the answer to a single question will not hurt you as much. Watch the Grade Page over the week of May 14-18 for final grades.

It was good to get to know some of you during the short month that I have been teaching this class. Good luck on the final!
Doug Hamilton

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