ASTR688R Planetary Science, Fall 2004
Homework Assignment #5

1. Problem 6.1.E For part a), give answer in terms of i) the planet's radius and density and ii) the planet's mass and radius. Be careful with part b) - it is not especially easy! Work in terms of density and radius. Separate your answer into three terms: the binding energy of the core to itself, the binding energy of the mantle to itself, and the binding energy of the mantle to the core. Convert your answers to total mass and radius and compare the three terms with each other and their sum with you answer to part a). How much energy is released when a heavy component (e.g. iron) settles into a planet's interior? Give your answer as a fraction of the total binding energy of the uniform planet.

2. Problem 6.3.E In part a), consider a rectangular "slab" with constant gravity and denisty throughout.

3. Problem 6.11.I Be careful with part b) - solve separately for the contributions to the pressure from the core and from the mantle.

4. Problem 6.15.I

5. Problem 9.16.I Treat the spot as very small.

6. Problem 9.17.I

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