Babion, J., H. Böhnhardt, F. Murtagh, J.L Starck, U. Thiele, K. Birkle, T.M. Herbst, D.P. Hamilton and J.L. Ortiz 1995. Comparison of two deconvolution methods for the structure analysis of the impact areas on Jupiter. In Proceedings of the European SL-9 Workshop, R. West and H. Böhnhardt, Eds., 357-362.

Different deconvolution methods, the van Cittert method, the Lucy algorithm and a wavelet transform technique, are applied to visual and IR images of the SL9 impact areas on Jupiter.
The visual CCD images were obtained at the 1.2m telescope and the IR frames at the 3.5m telescope of the Calar Alto Observatory in Spain from 16-22 July 1994.
Because of short image exposure times, stars inside the frames are usually not available for the construction of a suitable point spread function (PSF). We examine the possibility of modelling a PSF based upon the essentially non-stellar images of Galilean satellites present in the frames and determine the influence of these artificial PSFs on the deconvolution results. We also vary different parameters of the algorithms to investigate their effects on the sharpening of the surface structures on Jupiter.
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