Grogan, K., S.F. Dermott, B.A.S. Gustafson, S. Jayaraman, Y.L. Xu and D.P. Hamilton 1996. Search for the signature of interstellar dust in the COBE data . In Physics, Chemistry, and Dynamics of Interplanetary Dust, (B.A.S. Gustafson and M.S. Hanner, Eds.), 325-328.

Impact data from the ULYSSES dust detector at 5 AU from the Sun have been interpreted as a flux of sub-micron interstellar dust particles (Grun et al, A&A, 286, 915) arriving from 252 degrees ecliptic longitude and 2.5 degrees ecliptic latitude. Following the motions of these particles under the influence of solar gravity, radiation pressure and electromagnetic forces, we present results from the modeling of the thermal emission from the resultant particle cloud, and conclude that the chances for the detection of such an interstellar signature in the COBE data are marginal at best.
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