Krüger, H., A. Krivov, D.P. Hamilton, and E. Grün. Discovery of an impact-generated dust cloud around Ganymede. Nature 399, 558-560.

Dust is ubiquitous in the solar system, being especially concentrated in the Zodiacal cloud and in the ornate ring systems surrounding the giant planets. Individual dust grains in each of these environments are thought to be generated by impact ejection from larger parent bodies, but until now no direct measurements of this important physical process have been made. Here we report on the first in-situ detections of a significant amount of sub-micrometre dust within a few radii of Jupiter's massive icy satellite Ganymede. Measurements of impact directions, impact speeds, and the mass distribution of the dust indicate that the dusty material emanates from Ganymede, and the data are consistent with secondary ejecta kicked off the moon's surface by the hypervelocity impacts of interplanetary dust. Enhanced dust fluxes near Callisto and Europa suggest that these icy satellite are also good sources of dusty debris.
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