Zhao, G., H. Böhnhardt, T.M. Herbst, K. Birkle, U. Thiele, D.P. Hamilton and J.L. Ortiz 1995. Near-IR lightcurves of the impacts of SL9 fragments E,S,T and U. In Proceedings of the European SL-9 Workshop, R. West and H. Böhnhardt, Eds., 159-164.

The impacts of SL9 fragments E and S, T, U were monitored on 17 and 21 July 1994 with the MAGIC IR camera at the 3.5m telescope of the Calar Alto observatory in Spain. Fragments E and S showed prominent impact plumes, but no precursors above noise level. The actual impacts of fragments T and U could not be detected in our data. Some post-impact lightcurves of spots E, C and K+U are presented.
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