ASTR100 EXAM II, Hamilton, Spring 2003

The exam scores were good overall. Check over your exams to make sure that you understand where you lost points. See the TAs or me with questions about the grading. You can alwyas submit an exam for a regrade if you think that we made a mistake, but only if you are willing for us to look over the whole test again (your score could go up or down). And it is always a good idea to check your exam score was totalled correctly and that the score on the web agrees with the score on the test! If we gave you too few points, we'll give 'em back, if we gave you too many, you win!

Exam II Statistics

High Score: 96
Top 1/4: 73-96
Next 1/4: 62-73
Class Average: 62.5
Next 1/4: 44-62
Lowest 1/4: 0-44

Exam II Curve

A: 78-100
B: 67-77
C: 50-66
D: 40-49
F: less than 40

Exam II Solutions

Multiple Choice Answers:

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