ASTR 330 (Hamilton)
FINAL EXAM (200 points)
Wednesday, May 21

Details of the Exam

The exam will be given on Wednesday May 21 in CSS 2400 from 1:30pm - 3:30pm. The exam should take less than 2 hours to complete, so you should have plenty of time. As usual, notes, books, and calculators are not allowed! The exam format will be similar to Exams II and III: probably two pages of short answer questions, four or five pages of the fancy true/false statements, 3 essays, and one problem where you will need to interpret a graph.

The exam is cumulative and will cover all lecture material and Chapters 1-18 in the book. We didn't talk about two chapters (16 and 18) in class, although there were a few homework problems on this material. Accordingly, Chapters 16 and 18 will be on the test, but they will less emphasized. But the other material since Exam III will be more heavily weighted.

Review Session

There will be a review session Tuesday, May 20 from 4:00pm - 6:00pm in CSS 1113. Note the new room - it is in the old wing of the CSS building. Go in the door closest to the parking garage, up 1/2 flight of stairs, and to the left. Please bring lots of questions to the review session! I will also hold extra office hours Friday, May 16 from 1:00 to 2:00pm and 3:00-5:00. Feel free to drop by with questions! I will also be available for appointments - just email me or call us to arrange this.

Important Processes That We Have Studied

Some Important Topics We've Studied

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