Lecture Date
Lecture Topic
Tue. Jan. 27 Introduction to Celestial Mechanics
Thu. Jan. 29 Spherical Trigonometry Read Chap. 1,2
Tue. Feb. 3 Review of Vector Mechanics Read Chap. 3
Thu. Feb. 5 Central Force Motion: Energy and Angular Momentum HW 1 due; Read Chap. 4
Tue. Feb. 10 Central Force Motion: Stability of Circular Orbits
Thu. Feb. 12 Central Force Motion: Gravity HW 2 due; Read Chap. 6 and Appendix A
(you can skip 6.9-6.13)
Tue. Feb. 17 Central Force Motion: General Relativity
Thu. Feb. 19 The Two-Body Problem: Orbital Elements HW 3 due
Tue. Feb. 24 The Three Dimensional Orbit
Thu. Feb. 26 The Orbit in Time HW 4 due
Tue. Mar. 3 Additional Problems in 2-Body Motion
Thu. Mar. 5 SNOW DAY
Tue. Mar. 10 MIDTERM
Thu. Mar. 12 The 3-Body Problem: Jacobi's Integral, Tisserand's Criterion Skim Chap. 9; Read Chap. 8
Tue. Mar. 24 The 3-Body Problem: Zero Velocity Curves, Capture and Escape HW 5 due
Thu. Mar. 26 The 3-Body Problem: Lagrangian Points, Horseshoe and Tadpole Orbits HW 6 due
Tue. Mar. 31 Rotating and Inertial Reference Frames
Thu. Apr. 2 The Lagrange Equilibrium Points: Existence and Stability HW 7 due
Tue. Apr. 7 Additional Problems in 3-Body Motion
Thu. Apr. 9 The Perturbation Equations of Celestial Mechanics Further reading will be primarily from Handouts. The material will parallel Danby's Chap. 11. HW 8 due
Tue. Apr. 14 The Perturbation Equations of Celestial Mechanics
Thu. Apr. 16 MIDTERM
Tue. Apr. 21 Drag Forces; Tidal Evolution
Thu. Apr. 23 Planetary Oblateness HW 9 due
Tue. Apr. 28 Other Perturbations
Thu. Apr. 30 Planet-Planet Interactions: The Disturbing Function HW 10 due
Tue. May 5 Planetary Perturbations: Resonances
Thu. May 7 Planetary Perturbations: Secular Effects HW 11 due
Tue. May 12 TBD
Wed. May 20 FINAL EXAM (10:30am-12:30pm)

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