ASTR450 Syllabus

This online syllabus will be continuously updated as the semester progresses!


Jan. 30 Introduction to Celestial Mechanics
Feb. 4 Timescales & Coordinate Systems Read Chap 1,2
Feb. 6 Review of Vector Mechanics Read Chap 3
Feb. 11 Central Force Motion: Energy and Angular Momentum HW 1 due, Read Chap 4
Feb. 13 Central Force Motion: Stability of Circular Orbits
Feb. 18 Central Force Motion: Gravity HW 2 due
Feb. 20 The Two-Body Problem: Orbital Elements Read Chap 6 (you can skip 6.9-6.13) and Appendix A
Feb. 25 The Three Dimensional Orbit HW 3 due
Feb. 27 The Orbit in Time
Mar. 4 Additional Problems in 2-Body Motion HW 4 due
Mar. 6 The N-Body Problem Read Chap 9
Mar. 11 The 3-Body Problem: Jacobi's Integral, Tisserand's Criterion HW 5 due, Read Chap 8
Mar. 13 The 3-Body Problem:
Zero Velocity Curves,Capture and Escape
Mar. 18 The 3-Body Problem: Lagrangian Points,
Horseshoe and Tadpole Orbits
HW 6 due
Mar. 20 In Class Midterm
Mar. 25 Spring Break
Mar. 27 Spring Break
Apr. 1 2-Body and 3-Body Examples
Apr. 3. The Lagrange Equilibrium Points Read the Perturbation Handout and Part of Chap. 11
Apr. 8 Stability of the Lagrange Equilibrium Points HW 7 due
Apr. 10 The Perturbation Equations of Celestial Mechanics For the rest of ASTR450, reading will be primarily from Handouts. The material will parallel Danby's Chap. 11.
Apr. 15 Drag Forces and Tidal Evolution HW 8 due
Apr. 17 Tidal Evolution and Planetary Oblateness
Apr. 22 Perturbation from a Constant Force (Radiation Pressure) HW 9 due
Apr. 24 Other Perturbations
Apr. 29 Planet-Planet Interactions: The Disturbing Function HW 10 due
May 1 Planetary Perturbations: Resonances
May 6 Planetary Perturbations: Secular Effects HW 11 due
May 8 Spin-Orbit Resonances
May 13 Review for the Final

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